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About Us



SelfBaked is a new take on an old concept. We have created a product that is a Bake-It-Yourself Edible, much like a box of brownie or cookie mix you find in the grocery store. In each box we provide you with the things you need and the instructions to help you along the way to making delicious treats in the comfort of your own home. 

Edibles have long been a form of taking THC and CBD medicine. At SelfBaked we make it possible for others to partake in that process of making their own edibles. These easy Bake-It-Yourself products deliver a fun interactive platform to create your own medicine that is always fresh and hot out the oven!



It is our mission to bring you a quality product that has passed all the rigorous testing qualifications set forth by the California State Law for Cannabis manufacturing to bring you a safe product for your enjoyment.



It is our mission to provide a cheaper product that will allow you to save money from the high price of edibles for the daily user. If you have to buy edibles for every day of the year it can become a hefty cost but if you can go home and bake 10 yourself with one box, then we’ve made it possible for the user to save on their medicine.